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Starting an electrical apprenticeship program can give your career direction. By joining, you will get hands-on training and be able to learn while you earn. While working full time and attending classes paid for by the company (ask us about this!), you can be set up financially with a good career and great earning potential.

By joining Hunt Electric’s Apprenticeship Program, you can create your career. You’ll start in our Pre-Apprentice program learning the fundamentals and gaining knowledge that will help you succeed in the field. About the time you start class, you’ll be out at the job-site with hands-on learning. After four years, you will complete your apprenticeship and be ready to take your Journeyman exam. And don’t worry, we are here for you that whole time!

See the Hunt Electric Website to apply or contact the JSD Work Based Learning Specialist.


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Denny's Auto offers an internship for students 16 and over.  You will rotate through the different areas and work with professionals who teach, train, and monitor your progress.  When you are ready to move on, you go to the next area.  You can work full or part-time and get paid while learning.  At the end of your training Denny's will either hire you or they will help you find another position at any number of shops in the valley.  
If you are interested contact Darrin or Mitch at 801-996-4358, or see your school's auto/welding teacher, or contact the JSD Work Based Learning Specialist.
Valley Plumbing Apprenticeship is open to anyone even those without experience.  They will help you get into plumbing school which is two nights a week.  There you will learn the basics of the trade as well as the industry codes.  During the day you will have hands on training as you ride with a technician and learn to run the call from start to finish.  Each week there are trainings in the morning prior to the work day.  Some trainings are for all employees and others are specific to the apprentices.  
If you would like more information please call Valley Plumbing at 801 341 4222 or contact the JSD Work Based Learning Specialist.
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