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College and Career Awareness


College and Career Awareness offers exploration and preparation in college and career pathways focusing on jobs that are high skill and high demand, as well as satisfying and financially rewarding. The College and Career Awareness course is designed to help students identify their interests, abilities, and skills. With appropriate developmental information related to careers, educational pathways, and self-knowledge, students are able to begin to make college and career goals for the future. College and Career Awareness is designed to acquaint students with the Utah labor market and the employment opportunities for which they can prepare by defining a College and Career Ready Plan.
Through application-based lessons, College and Career Awareness allows students to utilize technology, develop foundational skills, and explore careers. The course provides information regarding additional courses and training related to each student's career field of interest, as they begin to prepare for college and career.
College and Career Awareness is a required course for all students in 7th grade.  Teachers spend the year leading students on an exploration of college and career opportunities.  Students hear from guest speakers, take interest and aptitude surveys, go on field trips, participate in hands on labs, etc.  CCA is a great way for your students to explore the world and plan for their future.
2023 Schedule:
Tuesday, September 26
Wednesday, September 27
7th Grade Agriculture Days is an event held for the entire 7th grade in Jordan School District. In support of CCA state required curriculum, students have the opportunity to learn directly from ag experts in the field. Our Ag Industry partners cover a variety of topics such as livestock raising, planting equipment, water conservation and more.
YouScience is available to all current Jordan School District students as well as those who have recently graduated.  Students will be given the opportunity to take the YouScience assessment and then explore their strengths,  potential career paths, resume/interviewing assistance, etc.  Students will take the assessment in 7th grade CCA as well as sometime in 9th grade or high school.  If a student wants to take the assessment outside of those two classes please contact the Work-Based Learning office at [email protected].